The Mt St Helens Windy Ridge 2006 Panorama Project

Standing at Windy Ridge and looking inside the smoking crater of Mt St Helens I took a series of pictures. The panorama was constructed from 9 colour photo's. All photo's were stiched with Panorama Factory. It was put in B&W with PSCS2. The whole process took an extremely lot of time since my computer could just cope with the amount of data.

Mt St Helens Windy Ridge 2006 Panorama

The end result is a 300 dpi 70" x 26" (1.75m x 0.65m) panorama. Several fine details are visible. The small white capped mountain on the left is Mt.Hood. On the right Spirit Lake and floating trunks can be seen. Mt Washington is visible in print but not in this web version. Also visible in print is the Johnston Ridge observatory. Printed and fixed to board and with a wooden frame behind it is now floating on a wall.  

Mt St Helens panorama floating on wall