The Total Eclipse of the Moon March 2007

I picked up photography with the European total eclipse of sun in 1999. After several unsuccessful attempts I finally got it right a second time with a total lunar eclipse. This picture of Nasa's Fred Espenak shows what took place that night :

March 2007 Total Eclipse of the Moon 3 maart 2007

An EOS 400D, a EF 70-200 F2.8L lens with a 2x Converter, cable release, tripod and cooperating weather finally did the job. Though I had to change location three times to outmanoeuvre sheets of clouds that drifted in. After some Photoshop work this is what the 3 March 2007 Total Eclipse of the Moon in Holland looked like. A print of this collage now decorates the Dutch 'Tweelingen' Observatory, Spijkenisse, Netherlands

March 2007 Lunar Eclipse Spijkenisse Netherlands